Medicine Place

Joe Paulik

I’ve always written songs. Even in early childhood, I heard unknown tunes in my head. At first it just seemed normal, like breathing. When I eventually learned there was such a thing as songwriting, I realized I was doing that. Over the decades these songs accumulated in my head or on paper, and I began compiling them in themes. In the year 2000 I began recording thematic albums in earnest, beginning with The Road, on which Rick Brandenburg, the drummer for my current band, plays. My songwriting reflects deep concern for our environment, passion for survival, philosophy, and the spiritual parts of ourselves. Recording and performing them fulfills a major part of my Vision.

I finally began working with a band in recent times, which allows for much more versatility in bringing the spirit of these songs to life in live performance or recording. I’ve included a page for the band on this site from which I hope to supply promotional material, booking information, and an avenue to find out a little more about my fun and dedicated band who reside here on the edge of this amazing fragile wilderness.

I’m passionate about recording the music of nature, which I often call the Neverending Song. These recordings include extended real-time audio of birdsong, water, wind, and more, most of it recorded in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Minnesota. I plan to make these recordings of what Tom Brown Jr. calls the “Baseline Symphony of Nature” available on the Boundary Waters Sounds page . The neverending song is music our species is hardwired for; that which our souls recognize as eternally timeless and freeing. It is fascinating to me that this same song was also listened to by those who lived thousands of years ago. Thus they connect us directly to our ancestors, as well as to the heartbeat of the earth. This neverending song can soothe our souls perhaps better than anything else.

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The Road
© 2000. Fiddle, mandolin, and cello, in varying combinations with acoustic guitars, piano, backing vocals, bass and percussion. This album is a journey, a timeless snapshot of life where nature is an intimate part of our philosophical experience. Running time: 60:29.

c 2002. Ethereal folk, this collection mixes vocals, piano and acoustic guitars with cello, flute and English horn, and comes from northeasern Minnesota where I live, with haunting feelings of winter, wolves, moonlight, and snow. running time: 60:10

When The Legends Die
c 2005. Inspired by Native American history and way of life. This joyous, tragic, haunting thematic album is dearest to my heart. Acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, keyboards, and the sounds of drums and strings. running time: 66:39

Power of Place
c 2010. Nature sounds recorded in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northeast Minnesota serve as my back-up band! They accompany and enhance acoustic guitar, vocals and piano with a nature and story theme. Great for kids and grown-ups, this album seeks to bring an adult Jackie Paper back to the magic dragon. running time: 77:46

Messages From Medicine River
c 2011. Piano, played to nature sounds, this album is for healing and meditation, containing no vocals. With a couple songs that are great for weddings, this album feels like the time of year when Nature is like the bride to be. running time: 70:18

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c 2004. Barebones guitar and vocals. These songs express feelings and opinios about survival, the destruction of our environment, and Earth philosophy. Spiritual, gutsy, angry, and humorous, a fun record. running time: 61:00

CD cover The Seventh Arrow
c 2013. This album is about prophecy, survival of the spirit, and the role of “the children of the earth”. It was 32 years in the writing. If I was ever remembered for an album 500 years from now it would most likely be this one. running time: 67:31

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